It’s always been a matter of freedom

As you live in a stereotypical world, looking for your own identity, there comes the time when you finally feel unique: it’s a feeling that elevates you, a strength that allows you living outside the box;
it’s an energy that regenerates you when you feel you are going against the grain, riding a motorcycle in the middle of nowhere or living in close contact with nature and its powerful energy. The awareness of the importance of the individual and its understanding through a continuous research into the past.

This feeling has always pushed us to create more than a brand: a way of being, a style of self-expression; we are men, we are women, creatures in constant evolution.

A continuous research that starts from our roots and grows to explore present and future; the contemporary fascinates us as we live it still anchored to the strong concepts that bind us to who we are. Freedom as a principle of strength, life, exchange. Living and wearing more than a garment, a sensation, a feeling, an era, to be relived in the present. This is Barbed, a combination of interiority and exteriority that finds in the design of a garment the concept that we want to give to all people who wish to be represented by this feeling.

Creation, attention to details as a mannerist, passionate research. The conceiving of an object as a symbol of something that unites us, which involves every
“Barbed” spirit who can, through our product, investigate inwardly, looking for the greatest wealth we are all allowed to have .. FREEDOM

We are Barbed and you?